Review of the Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring

“Regarding the Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring produced by SS Honor Ring ( and sent to me for evaluation.  Firstly, I should note that the Meyer ring is molded directly off of an exceptional original SS Honor Ring.

I believe this is the most accurate museum copy of the SS Honor Ring I have seen to date. Not only does the ring have the stippling behind the runic symbols but the superb detail in the molding also picked up the two die flaws on the runes along with a very well executed seam behind the skull. The Totenkopf (skull) on the ring is perfect and stands as a fine example of this later style of ring. 

The SS Honor Ring aged document is very well done and looks old and aged. The blue ink H. Himmler signature appears as an original instead of a museum copy.”

Best Regards:

Don Boyle

The Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring & SS Document Set

The Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring & SS Document Set

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